A bunny walking her pooch

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small graham doodle for inktober. Yooo I need a scanner.

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I’m addicted to drawing oversized capelets. You can’t stop me.

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Moomin and Snufkin chilling!

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My quest to go to Nobrow shop before they closed ( :( )! It’s so frickin’ hot in London right now, it was 31 degrees out today. Summer is my fav season and all but only… when… it… rains?

OH HEEY, to all my 300 (!!!) followers! I’m sorry I’m really disappointing and haven’t been very active, my life is kind of fucked up right now and to add on that pile of stress I haven’t got a table atm so drawing tears at my wrist. I’m working on it, so hopefully there’ll be a bit more activity.

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I finally made a cover pic for my twitter account! I’ve never successfully made a pattern before so eyyy

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dude with tablet pen?

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this fucking game I swear

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